May 18, 2011

Shell Island Boat Day

Like I said, we spent last week in Panama City, more specifically Carillon Beach, Florida.
We made a vacation out of our reason for being there - a wedding.
Next time I want to see blue water and white, sandy beaches I'll be going there.
Who needs the Bahamas when you can stay in Florida?!
I'm a little disappointed with our beaches after this trip.

Our first full day there was Boat Day.  We've been looking forward to this day since we planned it.
The groom secured a pontoon boat and a jet ski for the day and our destination was a short ride over to Shell Island.  I've heard a lot about this place, but I've never been.  It didn't disappoint.

Captain Chad drove us out.

The lovely bride-to-be.  Wait until you see her in her wedding dress!

And we anchored the boat here.  How pretty is this place!?

We were armed with a batch of Powell Punch.  A crowd favorite.
And since so many have asked for the recipe, here you go!

1 Handle of Bacardi Light
1 750ml bottle of Parrot Bay
1 Can of Pineapple Juice (Mango Pineapple if you can find it)
1 Gallon of OJ
2 V8 Splash (Tropical Blend)
Mix it all in a cooler or something big and pour it back into the containers.
Garnish each glass with nutmeg and a pineapple stick if you wish.


Pretty sure this was my first time on a jet ski.  They go fast, people.

Some beer pong in open water....awesome.

We did a lot of just hanging out, enjoying each other.

Ready for the big day!  So glad we got to spend this day with you two.

It seems like there's always someone in the group that's pregnant.  This time it was Sarah, on the left.  Kristin, you're next! :o)

There was a sign that said to keep off this dock, but we didn't listen.

Swan dive!


So, that was Day 1 of our trip.
More pictures to come.


mrossi0513 said...

It looks like so much fun! And no one in that photo looks pregnant.

Kristin said...

I have lots to say about this post:

1. You're kind. I'm not looking so lovely.

2. Powell Punch is sneaky.

3. Can't believe you've never been on a waverunner. Glad you have such an adorable picture to document your first ride.

4. The beer pong float... :-( I'm going to be looking for a deal on another one.

5. I have a picture of me and Chad so similar to this one taken at Shell Island when we first started dating four years ago. I want to find it now and do a side-by-side collage.

6. By the looks of this picture, maybe I am preggers.

7. Maybe the Bama Breeze pier owners won't catch us. ;-)

8. It really was a great day. I'm so glad we're friends. :-)

- Me