May 23, 2011

Chad & Kristin's Wedding - The Ceremony

The bride and groom each had one attendant and that person was their sibling.
These boys have been friends since college and I've never seen a more closely knit group.  Even though everyone is spread throughout Florida they still manage to see each other several times a year.
So glad I was able to grab this photo before the ceremony.


The bride has become a really good friend of mine and we're so happy Chad chose her.
She comes from a gorgeous family.
This is her grandmother aka Granny Fabulous.  How cute is that!?

Her beautiful mother.

Her equally gorgeous sister.

Her dress was so pretty.  A traditional gown, but so perfect for a beach wedding.

Mr. and Mrs.

(I took all the ceremony pictures from my seat.)

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Kristin said...

Thank you for all of the great pictures, but most of all, the kind words. I'm so glad we're friends! Love, Kristin