May 3, 2011


This is an iphone picture post because I'm behind on my editing.

I spruced up my acorn weath.  Added some ribbon and 'flowers'.
I'm just a little obsessed with aqua these days.
I think I've decided that pretty much any color will work with it.
I spruced up my acorn wreath

I made a little wristlet to go with my orange dress.
All done....clutch for my orange dress

Business cards came!  Exciting!
business cards!! so excited!!

Thanks to the early summer weather we are swimming in the pool a lot already.
Peyton avoided it for a while, but she finally decided she needed to experience the fun.
progress... swim lessons haven't completely ruined her!

And she looks fierce in her swimwear.... adorable rolls and all :)
swimsuit model :)

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