December 24, 2011

2011 Decorations

I try to make a couple things to add to my decor each Christmas.  This year I had been planning to make a door 'wreath'. I found the frame at a garage sale back in October for $2.  It was perfect for my idea (stolen from Pinterest).  Then on Thanksgiving I got the ribbon and ornaments during Micheal's black Friday sale.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!

I don't have too many surfaces to decorate in my house so this is the majority of it.  Peyton's stocking still hasn't been embroidered.  I did get a quote this year and they wanted $17 to put her name on it.  No thanks.

I glittered these trees this year.  First time glittering anything.  Kinda messy and takes way more glitter than I expected.  Love them though.

I found this free printable and make an 8x10 then took an old black frame and spray painted it.  Then distressed it with some sand paper.
Free printable, old frame spray painted and distressed

I love this tiny nativity set.  They are so cute!
cutest little nativity set

I had some fun with my tree, homemade filters, and some textures.  I see a lot of people do the hearts, but I thought the Mickey Mouse would be so cute if I could get it to work.  So fun!

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