December 12, 2011

FSU Weekend - Part 3 of 3

Part 2 ended with us touring the campus.  After that we got in the car and planned to go rest at the hotel until it was time to go tailgate.  We stopped at Publix and Heath ran in for a few things.  During that time Hunter started hysterically crying that his left ear was hurting.  Since he'd had some sort of virus in the previous 48 hours I knew this was a legitimate problem.  The nearest urgent care was around the corner.  It was wall to wall people and Hunter was freaking out.  We found another one 5 minutes away with no one waiting so went there.  After some drama because Hunter's ears were full of wax (he gets that from his father :) we got an antibiotic script and some numbing drops.  We got the meds and made it to the hotel at the exact time we needed to leave.  Hunter was a trooper.  He never complained again and hung tough all night until about 10:30 as the game was dragging on.  He was ready to sleep.

Hunter and Allison at the tailgate.

The boys

The girls plus Hunter :)


Love this...

Yelling while we were on defense.

You would think that this series of pictures involved an FSU touchdown, but it did not.  There was cartoon race up on the big screen.  There were three guys and you had to guess which one would win.  We each picked a guy and of course, Hunter's guy won.  This is Hunter's reaction to winning.  The kid likes to win :)




We went down to the tunnel at halftime.  When the players run back onto the field after halftime they'll high five the spectators.  We got a good spot and Hunter hung his arm over the fence.  He got a high five from our punter, Shaun Powell and our quarterback, EJ Manual.  That was pretty cool!


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Kristin said...

The one of Heath and Hunter (fifth from the bottom) is my favorite. What a great shot! Your kids are super-lucky to have a mom who is a talented photographer to perfectly capture all of these moments for them. These photos will mean the world to them one day.