December 20, 2011

SPOT: Our Elf on the Shelf

We joined the Elf on the Shelf craze this year.  We had Santa deliver our Elf with Christmas pajamas one day soon after Thanksgiving.  If you don't know about the Elf on the Shelf the short story is that the elf watches over boys and girls for Santa in the days before Christmas.  He flies back to report to Santa every night.  Each morning kids will find the elf doing something different or hiding somewhere different.  There is one rule: do not touch him or he will lose his power to fly.

The book tells you to name your elf.  Hunter named our elf Spot.  Yes, Spot.  That is clear evidence that we've never owned a pet.  He loves trying to find him every morning or waking up to see what he's up to.  Peyton even sometimes finds him before Hunter can.

Spot got into the blocks and spelled out two names on the NICE list ;)
2 names on the nice list :)

Hunter came running to me one morning with tears in his eyes and reported that Peyton TOUCHED THE ELF.  He was terrified the elf would lose his power to fly back to the North Pole.  I assured him that it would be okay and we would wait until the next morning to see if he was able to fly.  Heath came up with the idea that Spot was now sick.  We put a letter in the mailbox with some magic powder.  Hunter sprinkled it on Spot and the next morning Spot was up to his normal tricks.  Crisis averted.  Whew.
Peyton touched Spot so now he's sick. Santa mailed a letter with some magic powder to make him better.

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