August 17, 2012

A Baby Girl

Our dearest friends, Vanessa and Cory, are expecting a baby.  A baby they have wanted and dreamed about for so long.  The road to this baby has been rough, filled with years of tears and heartache.  They deserve this baby like no one I've ever known.  The baby is coming via a birth mom who is giving her baby to them.  While we were in Jacksonville I got a call from Vanessa telling us to come over because they found out the sex of the baby that day.  They were going to get her brother's family on the webcam and tell them so we went over to find out with them.  Cory drew a picture on the DrawSome game on the iPad and sent it over.  We watched them watch Cory draw the picture which was filled with many tricks to keep them guessing until the end.

{This is what one looks like when you see Baby Emma.}

Hi Chally Fam!

The final picture :)

We are over the moon excited for them! I am already planning newborn photo shoot ideas in my head for this long awaited for baby girl.


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Annie Ingram said...

I am so excited for them!!! I cannot wait to meet her. :) Love the pictures.