August 29, 2012

Hunter's New Smile

Hunter lost his first tooth!  This thing has been wiggly for probably 2 months.  Friday it became VERY wiggly so I knew it wouldn't be long.  Then Sunday night he pulled it out himself!  He was so, so excited.  It's those joyful moments that I hope to remember forever.  Dedi was the guest tooth fairy for his first tooth and she set the bar way too high!  The Mommy/Daddy tooth fairy will not be living up to the Dedi tooth fairy.  Thankfully, Hunter doesn't exactly understand the value of money so I don't see him being disappointed with a measly $1 next time :)

Is it me or does he instantly look older?  




This is all Aunt @denilou10's fault! The Mommy/Daddy tooth fairy will not be bringing that much dough!

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