October 19, 2012

Cruise - Random Pics

Just a warning, but there will be a lot of cruise posts.  This one is just going to be random stuff.

So, we went on a NO KIDS 7-day Caribbean cruise with Jason and Sarah.  7 whole days of sleeping until I wanted and not cooking a single meal.  It was lovely to say the least.

We had just gotten on the boat still docked in Port Canaveral.

Formal Night self portrait


Sarah and Jason took this pic.  We missed the rainbow, but they said it was the brightest one they'd ever seen.

This is how Heath hangs out at the pool with me.... watching movies on the iPad...under a towel so there's no glare.

I always enjoy watching the ship activities.  This was the "World's Sexiest Man" competition.  This guy thought he could win by wearing pink stilettos and a women's hat.  He actually second, shockingly.

Muster Station drills are boring and hot.
muster station drill = hot and boring. I'm ready to sail away! #royalcaribbean #cruise



More to come!

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