June 11, 2007

Dress Up!

We had some Waller family in town this past week. They were here to do Disney. We spent an afternoon with them at their condo. My cousin's 3 girls were off getting made up like princesses at this place Disney calls the Bibbitti Bobbitti Boutique (I'm probably not spelling that right). Anyway, they got their hair, makeup, and nails done and picked out an outfit of a Disney character. So, they come prancing in all made up. It was just too cute. They're 8 (twins) and 7.

When they arrived Hunter was asleep. He woke up shortly after and the girls were on him like white on rice. They immediately started entertaining and they had Hunter giggling up a storm. He thought they were so funny. They surrounded him everywhere he went. Each one wanted him to play with the toy they were offering or pick the cherrio out their hand.

Then the costume pieces were put on Hunter. First the shoes and then the Snow White cape.


Marcie said...

He looks scared of that cape!! haha Too cute!

Tiffanie Hage said...

Too funny! I love the snow white cape! He is just delicious. aunt Tiff