June 24, 2007

This is a long one....

Last Friday, June 15th, we left for Jacksonville to attend a memorial service for my cousin who lost her battle with liver and colon cancer. It was a sad reason to have to go home. Chrisie's service was beautiful, like nothing I've ever been to. She planned everything just the way she wanted it. She wanted people to celebrate her life, to smile and laugh, to have food and be social. She got exactly what she wanted.

On the way to Jacksonville, just 10 minutes from my parents house, we got a phone call from Heath's best friend, Cory. Cory and Heath have been best friends since high school and we all (incuding Cory's wife) went to college together. He delivered the news that his mother was tragically killed in a car accident that morning. A semi crossed the median and hit her head on. It was a blessing that we were in Jacksonville at that moment. Heath was by Cory's side within the hour and stayed with him and his family that entire day and many of the days following. What started out to be a 2 day trip home ended up being 9 days. I've never been a part of anything so tragic. My heart aches for Cory, his brother, and his father.

Heath came up with the idea to plant an oak tree at Cory's parents' house. They have a house on several acres on a lake. It's just gorgeous. Heath collected money from Cory's college friends and contacted a landscaper to handle the installation. Cory's family loved this idea and were so excited. The landscaper was kind enough to do this on a Saturday and on such short notice. He had quite an audience watching him plant this beautiful symbol of Cory's mom, Jeannette.

We were thanked so much this weekend for all we (really, Heath) did, but no thanks are needed. We just did what good friends do. We love them like family and were just glad to be there for them, to cry with them, to give hugs, to make them smile and even laugh in the midst of such tragedy.

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Jennifer Dixon said...

You have such a wonderful, caring hubby, Dena...but you already know that!