June 4, 2007

I'm in a picture mood....

Hunter has started giving kisses. So far he's given kisses to me,
Heath, Aunt Tiff, Dedi, and his glow worm (seen here).
How cute is that?!
Dressed in his meshy basketball shorts,
tennis shoes, and holding his Bison
(courtesy of Grandpa, who thought he needed a stuffed Bison :o)
Hunter's most recent favorite thing to do is to stand up at everything. He's getting better and better at refining the way he does things every single day. He was only able to stand at his toy basket, but now he stands at this toy table and most recently, the couch. He's learning how to get down from all of these places now. Just letting go isn't the best choice.

We played in the baby pool and the big pool today.
Hunter was quite a ham.

He's been dunked in the big pool. Thanks to Dedi for doing it first.
Hunter comes back up with really big eyes, but it doesn't really phase him.

My little helper.

Everything still goes in the mouth.


Jennifer Dixon said...

Great photos!! Kisses, kisses!

tiffanie said...

I can't help it...I just want to eat him up...he is so precious! I love the kisses he gives me.