June 28, 2007

Swim Lessons - Week 1

Hunter started swim lessons on Monday. Really, they're survival lessons. It teaches an infant to float if they were to fall into a pool or body of water. Before they can walk they just learn the floating part. Once they can walk they learn to swim-float-swim. We go to the YMCA just 4 miles from the house. It's every morning (M-F) for 4-6 weeks. The lesson lasts no more than 10 minutes. So far Hunter cries the whole time which is very normal for his age, but he's doing so good. I took some pictures today and you can see how mad he gets.

Just floating. He will not relax that arm.
Here the instructor flipped him from floating to face down and then Hunter continues the roll and gets back to floating.
Here the instructor flipped him backwards from floating.

He goes face down.....
...and back to floating. And look, no crying here.And he's zonked by the time we get home.

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