June 6, 2011

another school year is complete

It's officially summer vacation!
Hunter finished his last week of school.
Here's a first day vs. last day comparison.
How does this kid manage to get cuter and cuter?

Peyton will not be left out :)

This is our little friend that we take to school most mornings.  
If you read The Anderson Crew then she's a familiar face.
Peyton is in love with her <3


Hunter's been blessed with wonderful teachers during these first two years of school.
We're so thankful for women who love these little ones.
PreK3 Teacher

Up next, VPK!  One more year until Kindergarten.  Him being the oldest in class affords me one extra year before he goes off to the 'big school'.

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Carrie K said...

He's going to be a heartbreaker when he's older!