June 8, 2011

Friends Forever

We've been friends with two couples since we first met in marriage counseling class just a few months before we all married.  By the end of class we all went out for dinner together and in the coming months attended each other's weddings.  That was the beginning of a now 8 year friendship.  We all started having kids about the same time and were all 3 fortunate to be able to stay home.  We had frequent play dates and the kids were able to get to know each other well.  It helps that the adults love to be around each other, but these kids love each other even more.  In the last couple of years as some have gone back to work and kids have started preschool we don't see each other as much, but these kids don't skip a beat.  They have so much fun each time they see each other.  I know they'll be friends forever as will their parents.

R Family, we will miss you living so close.
These other four kids will miss their buddy, Zach.
I know we'll see you again soon.
Good luck.  We love you!










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