June 21, 2011


As my nephew (Aaron) and his girlfriend (Sunnie) were leaving Margie's party we were chatting outside and taking some pictures.  Out of nowhere, Sunnie yells SNAKE!  Now, pretty much everyone I know would react in the following ways: a) RUN or b) KILL IT.  Not Sunnie and Aaron.  They ran AFTER it.  It was a race for who could GET it.  SHE got it.  As far as Aaron is concerned this was no surprise.  He grew up having snakes as pets.  Apparently, these two have a tally going for who can catch the most snakes.  I'm pretty sure these two are meant for each other.  If I didn't know it before I know it now.




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Kristin said...

That makes my skin crawl (pardon the pun).