February 15, 2012

I need help! Please vote.

I have this canvas of Hunter at age 2 hanging in my house.  I knew that I wanted to get one of Peyton around the same age.  I've been trying for months and I think I finally have some that qualify, but I can't choose!  I took this picture of Hunter in such a natural state and ideally I wanted one of Peyton with a natural expression.  Well, not a chance.  That girl doesn't stop moving!  So, I have 5 images below and I'd love for you to vote on which one is your favorite and will best go with this picture of Hunter.  THANK YOU!  I'll let you know what I decide.








Tiffanie said...

I like the first and the last the best. They are all adorable.

Kristin said...

I personally think I would go with the last one if you are hanging them together because then they would both have solemn expressions on their faces. But all of the other ones are good as well, and if Peyton is always smiling, you may want to use one of those since that would be more of her norm than the solemn face.

P. S. I cannot believe that picture of Hunter was taken when he was 2. I remember you taking it, and it does not seem like it has been that long ago. Time flies!

Anonymous said...

They are all good but no. three would be my choice.

Denise said...

#4 - I love her smile! I can see why you are having a hard time deciding since they are all so good.

Annie Ingram said...

All the pictures are gorgeous but I would personally go with #4. Their expressions will match.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Powell's vote is #5 but I do like #3 too. Actually I like them all but must be practical. My vote is #5.

Sarah C. said...

I like #1 on first impression to go with Hunter's pic. But I love all of the pictures!

Jennifer said...

1 or 5 :)

Roseann Quintero said...

#4!!!!! LOVE THEM ALL:)

tory abounnaim said...

I going to go with the first one or the last! way too hard to just pick one! good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Dena, I would go with 5...decoratively speaking the two pics compliment each other.