February 16, 2012

Mini Vacation

Off Topic:  Numbers 1 and 5 were the top vote getters in the poll yesterday.  Although I like #5 it is not the best representation of Peyton, in my opinion.  Heath's favorite has been #1 so we're going with that.  Thanks for voting!

Heath and I went on a little getaway two weekends ago.  We went over to the Panama City area to visit our friends Chad and Kristin.   We always seem to do this is the winter time and the past couple of times it's been FREEZING.  This time the weather was much more enjoyable.  We stayed at the beach in a quaint little beach town.  We mostly ate, drank, and slept.  It was just what we needed....a relaxing getaway.




1 comment:

Kristin said...

You can't go wrong with #1. And I am so glad you came to see us! We enjoyed it. See you soon. :-) Hugs, Kristin