February 11, 2012

one of our favorite visitors

My dear friend Lisa came to Florida for a little business and since she was only a couple hours away I went and kidnapped her and brought her back to hang out with us for a couple days.  It would be a shame for her to be so close and not see her!  She is also a budding photographer up in NY. I had a newborn scheduled while she was here so she was able to assist me with that.  (You can see that session here if you'd like.)

It's been a while since she's been able to hang out with us with the kids around.  I warned her that it would take Peyton a little bit to warm up.  She was true to form and gave a bunch of dirty looks at first.  But if you let a two year old go through your make-up bag you have an instant best friend.  And that's no joke.  She then wanted Lisa to do everything for her.  Of course, the next morning was another 30 minute warm up period, but they were best friends again in no time :)

Hunter seemed to think Lisa was his cousin, Sayer.  He called her Sayer for three days!  Sayer, you are missed :)  The day after she left he asked, "when are we going to see Lisa again?"  Luckily, I have an answer.  We're excited to see her (and JB) in June!

They bullied her into a sword fighting duel....or trio?


I just love the next three pictures.




Kristin said...

The picture of you and Lisa is great! (I love your top!) And Peyton kills me with those eyes -- hilarious!

Nicole said...

Aww love this post! Miss you guys.

Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

Yeah for Lisa;o)