February 19, 2013

Camping at Faver Dykes

Since we had so much fun on our first camping trip with the camper we quickly planned another weekend trip.  Most of the parks were all booked up, but we found a spot at Faver Dykes State Park in St. Augustine.  We invited Cory and Vanessa to join us since we have room to sleep 6 in the camper.  We rode bikes, fished, and had some visitors come see us.  The kids made some friends so that helped keep them occupied.  We enjoyed the campfire and good talks once the kids went to bed.  

Off we go! @iamcoryho and @vhodgerson , we hope to see you before dark!





Lots to discuss around the campfire tonight

@vhodgerson always has great stories

Baby Maya came at visit us and she proceeded to sleep pretty much the entire time :)  Love her.
Baby Maya came to visit us at the campsite. 


The kids were all over the baby.  They fought over who could hold her or be closest to her. 


I have no idea what Peyton is doing!

Two days in a row with no nap makes for a tired girl.  She fell asleep watching the movie and then slept at least an hour longer than everyone the nest morning.
Camping is tiring. She can't wake up this morning.

I came home with a cold and we were all exhausted.  Peyton took a 3 hour nap when we got home and then we all laid in bed the rest of the evening.
We're all exhausted from camping plus I came home with a cold. We've been in bed in jammies all afternoon.

Our next camping trip will be during Spring Break.  We'll be camping at Stone Mountain, Georgia!

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