February 17, 2013

First Sleepover!

The kids had their very first sleepover at our house Friday night.  We've had kids spend the night before, but their parents were always sleeping over, too.  So, this was the first parentLESS sleepover.  I think Peyton showed the most excitement of all of them.

We started out at the playground.  Wear 'em out was my plan :)

We have 4 kids all night. First stop, the playground.

Then we met Heath for pizza.

The kids watched a movie when we got home.  The boys slept in Hunter's room and the girls slept in Peyton's room.  Everyone was asleep by 9:30pm.  However, 3 of the 4 were awake at 5:30am!  Any guesses on who slept til 7:30?  Hunter.... love that kid.

This was their 3rd round of breakfast.  First, it was fruit to tide the early risers over so I could go back and lay down.  Then, cereal and waffles.  THEN, Heath brought home donuts.
3 of these darlings started the day at 5:30am

And THIS is what happens at 10:45am after you've woken up at 5:30!
This is what happens at 10:45am after you've started your day at 5:30am. She's cheating! Where's my nap?!

And this is what happens at 3:45pm after you've risen at 5:30am and only had a small car nap..... another small car nap.
Screwed. Now, a 3:15pm car nap after the 10:45am car nap. She woke up upon opening the car door (as expected). Now, no nap for mommy .

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