February 11, 2013

Pimp My Camper

This little pop up camper has come a loooong way.  Heath did an AMAZING job remodeling it.

Here is a before.  This is the kitchen table and seating with one bed in the back.

Here is the stove and sink.

Heath took everything out in order to replace the linoleum on the floor.  When doing that he discovered some rotted wood in several of the corners.  Someone actually tried to fix one corner using a street sign.

He fixed the corners the way they should have been repaired in the first place.

Then the new floor was put down.

New beadboard walls instead of the ugly brown ones.
It's a #pimpmycamper weekend. Making progress. And yes, it has bead board. 

Then he decided he could rebuild all the cabinets using the old ones as a template.  I thought he was craaaaazy.
building new camper cabinets #pimpmycamper #handyhusband

Seeing if some of the new cabinets fit before staining them.
Already making memories  

I had the cushions recovered which made a HUGE difference.  This was actually the only thing I did... and I paid someone else to do it...ha!
New cushions! Getting closer! #pimpmycamper

Stained cabinetry!
Starting to make real progress #pimpmycamper

The last thing that needed to be done was made doors for the cabinets.
Operation #pimpmycamper is almost complete. These are cabinet doors made by @heathpowell . No big deal.

And here she is!  My mom made the curtains and pillows.  The only thing you can't see in this picture is the bed on the other side which I am sitting on while taking the picture.
#pimpmycamper is complete! We are breaking her in this weekend!

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