February 13, 2013

Test Run with the Camper

For our first trip with the camper we went to Moss Park (which is literally 5 miles down the road from us) for 2 nights.  It's a good thing we stayed close to home because we ran back home 2 or 3 times to get things we had forgotten.  We had a big group... 4 families with kids.  The rest of the group slept in tents and we quickly realized how nice it was to have the camper.... a place with no dirt and a place to relax.

It was a great weekend.  We really enjoy camping with other families.  The kids stay so entertained and they have so much freedom that they don't have outside the house in our neighborhood.  So, trip one with the camper was a huge success and I already have trip 2 to blog about! 

Here is our setup
The set up #camping

Lights are key
adult campfire + 8 clean kids watching a movie in our new home away from home @gina0012 @kpgator94

All the kids!






One of the best pluses is that we could get the kids all cleaned up and in jammies and put them in the dirt free camper to watch a movie while the adults sat around the campfire.

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