July 14, 2008

Another Beach Weekend

We headed over to the beach house Friday night. Grandma P., Ethan, and Ashton joined us at the beach Saturday as well as Grandma and Grandpa W. There was zero sun, but we managed to escape the rain and enjoy the sand and water anyway. I came home with a cold and Heath came home with a little stomach bug so we aren't doing much this week yet.

Here are the beach pictures. I have some more on a dock by the water when we went out to dinner. I'll do those in another post later. Oh, and I added a few videos to Flickr if anybody cares.

Now that we've been to the beach about 5 times, Hunter is 100 times better about the sand. He doesn't fuss when it gets on his hands and feet anymore.

Hunter wants to boogie board like the big boys! Ashton buried alive

Ethan buried alive

Aside from the fact that this picture looks blurry here (it's really not), this is
probably the best picture of the 3 boys that I've been able to capture.


Jennifer said...

I love that picture of Hunter pulling the board--too cute! Thanks for meeting me at the Outlets yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember this...where was I...maybe taking a shower. This reminds me of the picture I have a Heath at 2 in a diaper box. Grandma P