July 24, 2008

Taking Refuge with Grandma

We spent the week with my parents and I got some sewing lessons from my mom. I'll have to share what I made.
But for now, let's talk about this new development with Hunter. I pray it's a phase, a very short phase. Previous to now, Hunter loved to sleep. Ask him if he wanted to go 'night night' and he grabs his dog and high tails it to his bed. More than willing to go to sleep. About a week ago he started protesting naptime and bedtime. It keeps getting worse. Yesterday was the first day in his life that he didn't take a nap. I had a packed day and had to run out the door to get a haircut. I put Hunter in bed screaming and told my mom that I was sorry she had to deal with it. She called me an hour and a half later, Hunter screaming from the bed in the background. No success. No nap all day. I got back and he was pleasant which surprised me. Come 7:30pm I started threatening that it was bedtime. He was not interested though I knew he had to be exhausted. He found safety in Grandma's lap and knew that if he got down I would be taking him to bed. He sat there very still and couldn't help, but fall asleep. Unfortunately, he started screaming the minute she put him in bed. After another round of rocking he was asleep enough to just roll over when I put him in bed.
I have no idea what is going on, but it's no fun for mom! He's definitely not ready to drop his nap, but he has no problem falling asleep in my arms. It's putting him into bed that he doesn't like.

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Anonymous said...

Growth spurt possibly...Or he is just becoming the typical boy more and more everyday and really thinks he is going to miss something. Gage has adjusted so well to this move, however, Damien refuses to adjust. He is fighting it and really causing issues in the family with the fight. He WILL NOT go to bed unless we are in bed.

Anyway, I say keep putting him down for " nap time " or " down time "....even if he doesn't sleep you both need a break from eachother...he'll get over it.