July 1, 2008

The Teething Blues

We're having a rough start to the week over here. Hunter is getting some (maybe all) eye teeth. I feel like they've been coming in forever. I can see the white nubs on the bottom ones, but nothing has broken through yet. So, here are some cute pictures from last week to help me remember that my sweet baby is in there somewhere and hopefully he'll return very soon.

Hunter still loves shoes
Hunter22 013
He got an early birthday present from Grandma P, his first tricycle.
Hunter22 002
He has no idea how good he has it. Sitting outside by the pool watching one of his favorite TV shows.
This is the life

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Anonymous said...

He is still a sweet boy and cute too. I suppose it's the same when we feel our "wisdom teeth". I love this last picture....can see you thru the glass doors. What a cutie. Grandma P