July 31, 2008

Fun with Friends

I think this is the first decent picture I've taken of these three crazy kids in 2 years! They all sat down very cooperatively and said 'cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!'

Kaitlyn, Zach, and Hunter

I took care of Zach today and the boys couldn't have behaved better. They played so well.

Hunter23 103

We went to a neighbor's house and they played in the yard with water toys, pools, and slides. Lots of fun! We decided against bathing suits and just put them all in swim diapers.


Hage Family said...

What great pictures. Zach and Hunter are such complete opposites color wise. Both are such handsome boys!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad the day went so well for you!

Anonymous said...

D those are sooooo good! I love the one of all 3 of them....you are right, that was definitely a first! Kudos to the photographer! :O)