December 17, 2008

My Sick Boy

Out of the blue Hunter started throwing up last night around 6:30. Right after he had a bath, of course. He proceeded to throw up every 20-30 minutes until 4am. Luckily, he drank water after every episode so he always had something to get rid of the next time. Grand total was 16 times! I changed outfits and washed more sheets and towels than I can count. We got 4 hours of sleep after it was all over. He layed on the couch, watched movies, and napped all morning. Around noon he was a little more himself - ate some crackers and played with his cars. Then he took a 3 hour nap in his bed. He woke up having thrown up again, but I think it might have been spurred on by coughing. He is much better this evening. Daddy brought home Wall-E and they are watching that now. I'm hoping we're on the mend. We were supposed to go to Sea World with friends today, but that obviously wasn't happening. Our friends were nice enough to reschedule so we're shooting for Monday now.  Let's just pray Heath and I can steer clear of it!

Clutching all of his comforts - Dog, Blanket, and a train

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Kristin said...

Hope he feels better soon and that you and Heath don't catch it. Wall-E is so cute; I think adults like it just as much, if not more than, kids!