December 20, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I have a lot of Christmas trees.  Hunter has really enjoyed plugging in all the trees everyday. We enjoy them lit up practically all day.

This is our main tree where all the presents go.
This is our Florida State tree.  It has an FSU tree skirt, FSU garland, and football ornaments along with garnet and gold ones.
This tree is silver themed.
This has become Hunter's tree.  It's filled with ornaments that he's been given over the past 3 Christmases.  At this rate he'll have a whole box to take with him to college!
This is a tree made with ball ornaments.  I didn't make it.
I got a neat little camera accessory from my awesome neighbors for Christmas.  It's been so much fun taking pictures of all my stuff!

Hunter has really enjoyed this train.  He's been really good about not playing with it.


Anonymous said...

I think I like the picture of the first tree the best. I just love the way the lights looks!!!

Kristin said...

Beautiful! I hope to have several trees one day, too. P. S. I am totally stealing the FSU tree idea!! :-)

Jennifer said...

I had no idea you did more than one tree! My goal this year was three but since we have all been sick, I only got one up :(

Allyson and Dave said... have so many trees. They are all lovely!!

Marcie said...

Love the lights!!!