April 18, 2012

Easter Morning

Our Easter morning was filled with getting ready for church.....in our matching outfits.  I just can't help myself!  The kids didn't remember that they were supposed to get Easter baskets so I saved those for later in the day.  Our church service was held at the Amway Center this year.  There were about 14,000 people there.  It was kinda crazy, but also awesome.  The kids had to sit with us for the service which made it interesting.

Each year I make sure we take a few pictures before we leave.  A nice lady on her morning jog stopped and offered to take a picture of all of us.  It's blurry with spotty sun, but there we are!

This picture immediately reminded me of one that was taken 2 years ago.  I'll put it below this one.  There's no denying that they're growing up!


I don't know if they can get any cuter!




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