April 30, 2012

Sweet Girl

It's still four months until this little spitfire turns three, but I swear her personality turned three over the last couple of weeks.  She has half a dozen baby dolls and has never ever played with them.  We have the baby playpen, high chair, stroller, and potty chair.  She's never cared about any of it.  Until one day recently it all changed.  It was like a switch flipped and her mothering instinct kicked in.  I noticed her playing with a doll in the doll stroller and took a picture on my phone as I made a mental note of it.  That baby has rarely left her side since.  We take the baby everywhere.  She's been shopping with us, to Kindermusik, to see Mr. Richard, and to Hunter's soccer game.  The baby sleeps in her playpen next to Peyton's bed every night.  She is also dressing herself.  Hunter was nearly 4 before he was dressing himself so this is a bonus for me!  I will realize the house has been far too quite and find her in her room putting on new clothes....over and over again.  I look in the hamper to find TONS of clean clothes.  On a less cute note, her attitude and sass have also changed.  She's become a bit more opinionated, more independent (if that were even possible) and much quicker to melt down when she doesn't get her way.









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