April 13, 2012

A First

This picture deserves its own post.  So, we were at JB's Fishcamp (see previous post) watching the dolphin/porpoise/whatever swim just off the dock.  This lady turned around and asked one of us to take a picture of she and her husband.  Karl, a friend of ours who you see in the picture below, was being funny and went to stand next to the lady to get in the picture.  The lady says, "Actually I've never met a black man before."  We were all flabbergasted.  1.  That she had actually never met a black man and 2. That she actually said that to him.  Karl is a GREAT sport and totally humored her and talked to her.  She was beyond excited and said she couldn't wait to show her grandkids.  They were from Iowa.


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Kristin said...

Dear Lord. She ought to leave her cornfield more often.