April 20, 2012

Friday Insta-randoms

Our fridge broke.  The one good thing is that it was cleaned top to bottom before it was fixed.
One positive of the fridge dying is that it's now spotless.

Peyton doesn't mind my curling her hair.  So cute!
attempting some pictures later. pulled out the curling iron.

What else do you do with a book of stickers?
There are never too many stickers. Thanks UR & AP for the Easter goodies.

Another house project.  
more house projects

Boxes from the house project made into a fort.  I don't know if I'll ever be allowed to get rid of it.
boxes make the best forts. Good job Daddy.

Awesome door that me and two other moms decorated during Teacher Appreciation Week.
Teacher Appreciation Door :)

This picture is just wrong!  She says, "big belly, mommy".
She says, "big belly". Um, yeah, not ok.

Heath and I spent some time at the beach without the kids last weekend.  It was wonderful!
48 hours of beach time with my honey - sand, Powell Punch, and no kids.

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