October 17, 2008

Cars, cars, cars!

Hunter's current obsession is with cars.  First of all, he got Cars the movie for his birthday and has practically been watching it on repeat in the car ever since.  Every time he watches it you'd think he'd never seen it before.  He gets so excited!  He points to cars in parking lots and on the road as we're driving along.  And he loves to play with his bucket of never ending cars and trucks, driving them all over the furniture and through the house.  I now keep several little cars in my bag and he will play with them while I shop.  Some of his favorite cars are the Batman and Superman ones that his cousins, Evan and Jacob, gave him for his birthday.  They're the kind that you shake and then put them down and they go.  The more you shake them the farther they go.  Hunter had fun racing them with Aunt Margie earlier this week, as you can see below.

CARS!  His latest obsession


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Jennifer said...

Maybe Hunter's CARS obsession could wear off on Tommy. (I am so over his addiction to DORA!) lol.