October 20, 2008

More favorites from the farm

Hunter has to be one of the most documented children.  I hope I can keep it up with the next one.  Hopefully my interest in photography will keep me going. 

Most months I keep about 100 pictures of Hunter.  I take a lot more than that!  With the trip to the farm this month was more than double at 215 keepers!


On the train
Glassy blue eyes

So many to choose from!
There are so many!

This one is for Uncle Ronnie
This one is for you, Uncle Ronnie

A kiss for Daddy
A kiss for Daddy


Kristin said...

You could be a children's photographer. The pictures are beautiful.

Jennifer said...

those pictures are really good, Dena!! :)) Looks like y'all had a fun time.

Marcie said...

You are getting so good DENA!!!! These pics are wonderful...so candid!

Hage Family said...

Wow...okay you've got to teach your sis in law how you are doing shots like that. PLEASE??? I know you didn't learn it from that silly class we took!!!??