October 23, 2008

Cuttin' loose at Mr. Richard

We went to see Mr. Richard today and I took a little video with my pocket camera.  Hunter had a great time and did quite a bit of dancing.  As you'll see, he started tapping his foot like Mr. Richard and the female guitarist, so cute.  The last clip is Hunter's version of an airplane in case you weren't sure.


Marcie said...

I love it!

John Mayer TOTALLY does the toe tap thing...I AM IN LOVE!

And, I think I have seen Heath do that arm flap thing on the cruise! I have video! :)


Dena said...

Oh no! I would much prefer he get his rhythm from me!

Anonymous said...

It looks as if he's trying at one time to keep his heel on the floor and tap his toe like the gal with the boots but just can't quite do it. He's so adorable. Someday when he least expects it, you must bring out all of thee videos. Grandma P

Jen said...

Can he BE any cuter? haha. Love the toe tap thing! Your boy has some rhythm!

Btw, I showed Jack this video of Hunter dancing and he started jumping up and down and pointing at him. they would so be BFFs!

Jennifer said...

There is a book store by me that has Mr. Richard dates on the door--just found it today. Next one is Monday!