October 2, 2008


Heath was mowing the grass after dinner tonight so Hunter and I went outside to enjoy a really nice evening.  Soon it was a neighborhood gathering with 4 moms and their boys.  I took my camera out hoping to practice a little and I got a few really good shots.  I'm happy with them anyway.

Hunter really wanted to get in the car with Jace.  Jace didn't seem to mind Hunter crawling all over him.  He eventually got situated on top of his lap and they were happy as clams.  We were dying laughing.  They look like they think we're crazy.  Love the color in this one.
SO cute!

This is Caleb and he's 6 months.  His eyes are gorgeous!  And those lips!
Caleb - 6 months

Again, love the color!


Marcie said...

Great pics! Love that last pic of Hunter, so candid!

Anonymous said...

Hey in these small cars these days, you sit where you can. I never get enough pics of him. Grandma P

Jennifer said...

Your becoming a little pro there with that camera Dena!

radivonyk said...

Awesome job! I like your camera skills. :)

The Wagner Family said...

You're pictures are great. The colors are always so vibrant. I don't think you need a photography class!