October 20, 2008

Two Year Portraits

While I was in Jax last week I took Hunter to Picture People to get some 2-year pictures made. Having my mom's help made it possible to accomplish with all the waiting and choosing you have to do after you have the pictures taken.

The last time we had professional pictures taken Hunter was 18 months old and it was a TOTAL disaster.  He had to be touching me at all times and wanting no part of the guy with the camera. He's not real fond of strangers... still.  He literally sat on me while I leaned by body out of the way of the picture.  I walked out of there with my ONE free picture and that was it.

So, I was hoping this wouldn't go so terribly.  It didn't go that terribly, but I had to work hard to get those 3 pictures below.  Hunter, again, wanted no part of the girl with the camera.  After 10 minutes of him walking off the backdrop and not cooperating I was ready to throw in the towel.  The girl got a baseball out and that got him excited.  He threw the ball to me and that put him in a better mood.  I got a couple of cars out of my bag and he played with those, rolling them off the stool between pictures.  I'm just glad the cars matched his outfit.  It's fitting because of his current obsession with everything cars right now.

Age 2 - Trucks

Age 2 Face

After that he was finally excited to put on his Halloween costume.  Isn't that the cutest lion you've ever seen?!
Age 2 - Lion


Jennifer said...

The second cutest lion--j/k! His pictures turned out great!!

radivonyk said...

D~ These are cute, I know how much work it is. You are becoming such a photographer that your pics are just as cute! I loved them. :)

Hage Family said...

Too cute...LOVE the lion pic!!!