October 28, 2008

A Parenting Backfire

Recently, Hunter has learned the word 'mine'.  As times he uses it appropriately, but most times not.  He's not one to take toys away from other kids, but if a toy is taken from him he will yank it back and yell "MINE" which I don't think is appropriate although he's not able to verbally ask for it back yet.  In trying to figure out how to make that stop I started telling Hunter that 'mine' isn't a nice word and that he can say that the toy is Hunter's.  Now, he doesn't exactly say his name yet so when I tell him I use my hand to pat his chest.  Now when he says mine I will ask him what we say instead of that and he'll pat his chest, but he's still using the word to begin with.  Ugh.

So, this week we have friends from Jax staying with us.  There is another girl just a few months older than Hunter here so they've spent 48 hours together already.  They've been playing really well together, but I've heard 'mine' a lot and I just keep telling him that 'it's Hunter's'.  So, now when I ask him 'what is your name?' he says 'mine'.  He gets that Hunter = mine so now his name is Mine.  Lovely.

I need another tactic.  Another way to get him to quit saying mine.  Clearly, this way is not working.  Any suggestions?

Update:  Just since posting this we've been working on when I say "What is your name?"  He says "Hun-ah" and pats his chest.  Progress!


Kristin said...

I'm sorry, Dena...I don't have any suggestions AND I'm laughing. I know you wanted to hear that!

Good luck, though, and tell Jason and Sarah "hey" for me. :-)


Jennifer said...

Just let it go. Kids don't really get sharing at his age. Give him a little more time. He's still young.

Anonymous said...

Oh....the darn things kids say and do. I miss seeing "mine". I hope to see him soon. Give him kisses for me. Grandma

Hage Family said...

That is hillarious girl! Just wait till little sister or brother comes along and destroys something he is working on...brings a whole nother problem to the equation!

Keep up the good work. Perhaps instead of teaching him to say No Hunter's...perhaps you could get his to say "please back" (aka please give it back to me)

Dena said...

That's a good one, Tiff. He says please now instead of just signing it so we'll practice adding 'back' to that. Thanks!