June 16, 2009

Beach Week Pictures

9 days at the beach and we still didn't want to come home!  It was a great week.  We hit the beach every single day and Hunter never got tired of it.  He's totally my son.  We had a revolving door of guests all week which kept it interesting for Hunter.  We had different sets of friends with kids stay with us each weekend and we were visited by Heath's mom, sister and kids, Dedi, and my parents during the week.  We even had dinner with my niece Ashton and her boyfriend one night.

Kaitlyn and Hunter ready to walk to the beach the first night we arrived
My blonde boy.  What will your sister look like?
He put a lot of miles on this truck
Just chillin'
Daddy caught some little fish in a cast net several days and Hunter loved holding them.  which resulted in a lot of dead fish.
We saw some dolphins frolicking right of the dock at a restaurant we love.
Zach and Hunter
One of the many 'sandkackies' (sand castles) we built
Flying a kite for the first time
Silly boys
There's a total of 170 pictures.  To view them all go here .  Click on 'detail' to see them a little bigger with captions.

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