June 21, 2009

Father's Day photos revealed

Now that gifts have been given I can reveal the secret photos.  Thanks to my friend, Erin, for the idea we dressed the kids up in 'daddy's clothes' for a little photo shoot.  We bribed them with anything and everything to cooperate and they did pretty well.  The poem was stolen from a friend of hers.  I certainly did not write it myself.  I put the first 2 below in a frame for Heath's desk at work.

This one just cracks me up.  So much drama.
My favorite of K & K.  I'll share a few more of Kaitlyn later.  She was the perfect little model.


Kristin said...

ALL of the kids could be child models!

Hage Family said...

Those are so adorable Dena. You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures...and the poem. I'm sure Heath loves his. Arn't you and Erin the clever ones. Janice

Pam said...

I adore this!!