June 4, 2009

Written In Thread Stuff

I've been pretty busy lately with lots of orders plus making gifts plus making things for Peyton. I'll share some of the stuff I've been making for Peyton soon, but for now here are some new things I need to add to my website.  My website is in desperate need of a big update, but I have a computer issue that needs to be worked out before I can tackle that.

Minnie Mouse Pillow Case Dress ($35)
Mickey Mouse Tee ($20)
Birthday Girl shirt ($20) - Front

Birthday Girl shirt - Back
Birthday Boy shirt ($20)

We're off to the beach for 9 days starting tomorrow with no internet other than on the cell phone so it'll be over a week before you'll see any updates here.  I hope to come back with lots of pictures and hopefully some family pictures on the beach.

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