January 3, 2011

Christmas at Dedi's

I have a feeling this week will be spent recapping our many Christmas gatherings.  
I know the family will want to see the pictures so bare with me :o)

Our gathering at Dedi's (Heath's aunt) was a couple nights before Christmas and was the first of many gift giving occasions over the next week.  Dedi started by giving the 3 boys the tiniest remote control cars I've ever seen.
Tiniest remote control car ever

Then she had a surprise for each boy.  These boys (and Peyton, too) are like grandkids to her.  She's so special to them.  Dedi decided to do "A Day With Dedi" for each boy.  
Something planned for the future that involved only Dedi.

First, Ashton found out that he would be going to the Monster Truck Jam.  The icing on the cake will be going into the pit and also riding in an actual Monster Truck!  He literally fell over when he heard the last part... no picture though.

Hunter learned he would be going to Sea World with Dedi!
Dec 22, 2010_21

Ethan, the ultimate Gator fan, learned he would be going to the Outback Bowl where the Gators will be playing.  He was THRILLED as you can see.
Dec 22, 2010_2

Dedi with all the kids.


Peyton wore her cute reindeer bows,

gave too many dirty looks to count,
Not sure who was on the receiving end of this look.

and hammed it up a little.

And you've gotta see the outfit!

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