January 6, 2011

Embrace the Camera: January 6

Today's edition is a little random involving several people.

The kids' beloved Dedi.  She lets Peyton feed her half chewed, soggy crackers.  That's love right there.


The Other Grandma.  Cute story.  Both of our parents go by 'Grandma'.  To distinguish the two I have to say 'Grandma and Grandpa' when I'm talking about my mom.  Somehow Heath's mom became 'the other Grandma'.  So, when Hunter isn't sure who I'm talking about he says 'my other Grandma?'.


3 generations of Powells


Amber said...

Cute pictures. We have 2 Papa's. To differentiate we call one Papa and the other Papa G.

Kristine said...

Awesome pictures! Love the 3 generations one :) My mom is called "Lola" (Grandma in Filipino) and then Nate's mom is "Grandma." Works out great, hehe!

emily said...

your blog looks different...did you change it up?
as always, i love your pictures :)