January 31, 2011

Monster Truck Jam

Just about every little boy and dad I know went to the Monster Truck Jam over the weekend.  That, of course, includes Hunter and Heath.  Hunter has been looking forward to this for weeks.  Every morning he watches past shows on TV memorizing the truck's names and picking his favorites.  He was well versed in monster truck names by the time the event came around. He had a blast and they'd definitely go again.

They walked around in the pit before the show and got to see some trucks up close.
They're huge!

They met up with Dedi and cousin Ashton.

Then they had seats with cousins Evan and Jacob.

Ear protection is a must for little ears.

Look at the air these things get!

And as a result lots of broken parts.

Here's a little video if you're never been or have never seen it on TV.

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