February 1, 2011

House Updates

We're always doing something to our house.  Our most recent decision was to pack away the dining room and make it the play room.  We LOVE our black, square dining room table, but we NEVER use it.    We're storing the table and chairs away so later in life we'll be able to use it again.
Here's the before:

And here's the after.
(excuse all my phone pics)
Storage pieces and light from IKEA.  
I think I'll eventually get a bigger rug for the room.
Dining Room turned Play Room. Black things on the right wall will soon be covered in pictures like the left wall.

IKEA light for the new playroom

Here's a close-up of the collage on the left wall.  The two black squares on the right wall will eventually be covered in pictures, too.  Heath made these for me.  They are 25"x25" and I just taped pictures onto them.  I take so many and have so many favorites that this is the perfect way for me to display a lot of pictures in the house.
picture board up close

We also decided to change the lights in the kitchen.  We put these in 8 years ago when the house was first built.  I guess our style has changed a bit.  They're pretty modern.
Kitchen - Oct 2008

Replaced them with these.  The feel is a bit warmer now.
New kitchen lights, yay!

Next up will be a bit more involved project.  The room that was the play room (but built to be the formal living room) will be enclosed and will be a guest bedroom since we currently don't have one.
Heath will have to put up a wall with a door. 
Hopefully it all goes smoothly!


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Wow - amazing changes!! Love the new light fixtures! And the "dining room" looks great...we have been talking about doing the same. Oh and those collages are so neat too...great job!

Karen At Home said...

What a beautiful kitchen, we have a very similar lay out. Love it!