February 8, 2011

Father Son Bond

I can't say that Hunter is a momma's boy or a daddy's boy.  He doesn't seem to favor either one of us.  Daddy is definitely more fun and he can usually get Hunter to do things that I cannot.  I do think Hunter is a  Daddy pleaser.  He wants to impress his Daddy and have his Daddy be proud of him.  I love the bond they share.  I hope they'll always be the best of friends.


IMG_4619Edit IMG_4620Edit

This was a game of 'who can scare the crap out of the other'.  They'd be sitting there talking about something, looking up at the birds, and then one would scream 'BOO' as loud as possible and both would collapse into a fit of giggles.
IMG_4627Edit IMG_4630Edit


My kids are SO ticklish, but they love being tickled at the same time.

This was taken before they left for Donuts with Dad at school last week.  They said to wear your favorite sports shirt so they represented our Jacksonville Jaguars.

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