February 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera: February 24

Aaaaand it's Thursday!  Time to embrace the camera.  Thanks to our trip over the weekend I've got TONS of pictures. I finally put a dent in the editing of them.  Here are some embrace the camera worthy shots.

We spent an evening up at my aunt and uncle's house.  To say that Hunter loves it there is an understatement.  So much land, so much to do!  Fishing is top priority for Hunter.  Uncle Ronnie was armed with worms and hungry fish so it's non stop excitement.....cast, bite, reel, and you've got a fish!

Love this.  Best buds.

A little baby fish

And a giant catfish!

Peyton was obsessed with Hunter's truck.  It's a good thing he was too busy fishing to care.  I figured out how I could ride it with her.  Let's just say it struggled going uphill.

She literally sat in it the entire time.  She likes to drink and drive.  I couldn't get her to put the cup down.  Here she is waving to Aunt Pat on the dock.


Amber said...

What a great time! Love the fishing pictures!

Sarah B said...

sweet pics mama! love the ones on the dock!

Emily said...

Oh the fishing pictures! Precious.

life chasers said...

The pics are SO precious!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Those are great and a little trip sounds even nicer.

Kristin said...

Love the picture of Hunter and "Uncle Ronnie" with the giant catfish. And Peyton's outfit matches the truck perfectly. :-)

Kristine said...

Cute pictures! Love the fishing ones!!

pakosta said...

awww LOVE the fishing ones!

Jami said...

That last picture should be in a John Deer add for sure! so cute!

Wendy said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had! And now it's official.... I can't wait to get our boat out of storage! =)