February 14, 2011

So glad it's Monday!

I don't know when the last time I said that was.  Boy was my baby girl sick.  The flu and it was a nasty one.   I've never had a kid so sick for so long.  For 55 hours starting Wednesday afternoon she ran the highest fever.  At one point the thermometer read 104.8.  Talk about scary.  She took a lot of baths to help keep it down.  She was achey and just so pitiful.  See?  She went to bed Friday with no fever and it hasn't been back.
even more pitiful today :(

Sunday we decided we needed a Family Fun Day.  The weather was gorgeous so we decided on Sea World.  We got season passes so there will be lots of trips there this year.
Family Fun Day at Sea World

Hunter is just tall enough to do the kid rides/coasters.  This one was one of those free fall ones, but a kid version.  It was more like bouncing than free falling.  I think Hunter likes to scream because he thinks that's just what you're supposed to do.  
one of those drop rides.... he loved it

My sweet girl <3

feeding the sting rays
petting stingrays

Happy Valentine's Day!  I almost forgot.  We don't do much around here for V day.

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