January 11, 2011

Photo Challenges

So, this is the year I get my feet wet in regards to photography.  Attempting to step out of my comfort zone a bit.  I've got a couple of projects started to keep me going through 2011 and hopefully projects that will help me learn and grow.

The first one is a Project 365.  Basically, you have a photo to represent each day of 2011.  I'm doing this via my camera phone.  It's always with me so I think I can accomplish not missing a day.  So far I haven't.  I've set no rules so I can take pictures of whatever I want, kids or not.  Here are a few from the last 10 days.




The next one is a Project 52.  Same idea, but one picture to represent each week of 2011.  This one I'll do with my camera and will be a little more serious about.  I'm hoping it'll keep me shooting all year long.  I'm doing this one with My 3 Boybarians Blog.  We post our weekly pictures in her Flickr group for everyone to see.  It's fun to get feedback on your photos, whether it be good or bad.

Here's my Week 1 photo - Peyton's sweet, dirty little hands
P52 - Week 1

Wish me luck!  I hope I can keep it up.


Paul P. said...

Good stuff Dena! Really great way to push yourself.

Meredith said...

holy blue eyes! so adorable. for reals:)

Nicole said...

Love the shot of Peyton's hands! I'll have to try to keep up with flickr more often...